More than just a swim school…

We believe that all children are born swimmers. Everyone possesses an innate ability to move in the water, hold their breath, and see underwater. Unfortunately, in the first year of their life, most children lose this natural ability by having their movement restricted in the water.

At Swimabout, we re-ignite that ability, and continue the natural learning process. To do this, we do away with any unnecessary obstacles, and instead help children learn skills that will last a lifetime!

Our core values

  • Confidence: an important part of the teacher/pupil relationship is instilling confidence into our pupils. Confidence breeds success!
  • Understandingwe put a lot of emphasis on the importance of understanding the concepts of swimming, so your child can become a more complete and proficient swimmer.
  • Enjoyment: used to engage with pupils in lessons, and help encourage and motivate them in an unfamiliar environment.
  • Safety: integral to every lesson.


These are our core values that we promote through every lesson, through every teacher to every child. We enhance our students swimming ability by instilling confidence and motivation using exceptional coaching practices with a great deal of importance placed upon fun whilst learning.



In order to teach high-end techniques to children of all abilities, we’ve developed an innovative and unique teaching syllabus. We can transform the most nervous of children into 'happy splashers' simply by creating a happy and friendly atmosphere for them to learn in. This ethos helps to draw out the confidence and joy in all children who take our lessons.

We also know how to deal with kids that are overly confident; those who jump in before they’re told, and are eager to get going underwater like a submarine. With the right approach, we can harness their energy and instil some discipline into their swimming, so their technique starts to match their enthusiasm! 

No matter what age a pupil is, we won’t hold them back. As soon as a child is ready to swim unaided they will not be restricted by us, if they are ready for a more technical class then the teacher will identify this and act accordingly.



Not only are our standards a cut above the rest, but we also provide the finest poolside equipment available. We’ve invested heavily in kit that is not only great fun to use for all ages, but also acts as a conductive aid to effective learning.





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Swimabout Swim School has Civil Liability Insurance.


All Swimabout teachers are enhanced DBS checked and cleared.


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